Monday, 3 November 2014

Week 5 submissions and photos from Creative Ardagh

Sent in by James
We were busy last week with our Halloween event so we're a bit slow at sharing these, sorry James.
Several people have told us they are following along, but are a bit behind, so keep looking here for more submissions and to see what we get up to in Ardagh each week too.

Sent in by James
In our class we had a bit of a challenge changing the lighting conditions as there are no curtains on the large windows, so we had to set up a tent-like area for the objects. We then experimented with and without the camera flash and with different lights on. It's amazing to see how much an object's appearance can change depending on the light. Even though the objects were all white they appear in shades of grey and even blue, pink or yellow at times. Here are a few photos from our class. Lots more can be seen here.

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